Lost Allocation Check

If your allocation check has been lost or is not negotiable as written, provide written notice regarding that situation and request that a replacement check be issued.  Please be sure to include:

·       Proper identification (last 4 digits of your Social Security number and the month/year of your birth);

·       Clear instructions identifying the new Payee information for the replacement check; and

·       Your current mailing address and day telephone number, so that the new check can be issued and received timely.  

·       If you have the original check, please be sure to return it with your request.  

·       Please note that you will not be able to change the form of your payment: for example, if you originally requested a rollover you may not change that to a direct payment or vice versa.   

·       Additionally, Wilmington Trust charges a $35.00 fee to have your original check stopped and a replacement check issued.  

·       Your request for a replacement check should be forwarded to:

                             Enron Corp. Savings Plan

                             P. O. Box 1188

                             Houston, TX   77251-1188

·       Your $35.00 fee for the replacement check should be made payable to and forwarded to:

                             Wilmington Trust Company

                             1100 North Market Street

                             Wilmington, DE   19890-0455

                             Attn:  Javier Salcedo

·       You may remit a personal check for the $35.00 fee.  

·       Replacement checks are typically issued out within 10 business days of the request, but will not be processed until the $35 fee is received at Wilmington Trust.

Please note, if you submitted an election form but have not yet received your distribution, it is possible that your form was incomplete and/or illegible and your distribution was instead defaulted to an IRA account with Rollover Systems, Inc. (“RSI”).  Consequently, before initiating a stop payment/reissue request with regard to your settlement distribution, please contact the RSI Retirement Center at 1-888-472-7678 to be certain that you do not have an IRA account established for your settlement funds.