Litigation Information

Enron Creditors Recovery Corp. ("ECRC") is pursuing litigation to hold the entities accountable that ECRC believes participated in fraudulent conduct leading up to and immediately following Enron’s bankruptcy. In particular, ECRC has filed suit against financial institutions that ECRC alleges engaged in, and profited from, fraudulent dealings with Enron. The purpose of these efforts is to recover funds that should be distributed to Enron’s innocent creditors.

Please explore this section to learn more about the litigation efforts. The most relevant legal filings are posted under Case Documents.

For specific information about the case against Citigroup, please visit the Citigroup Litigation Information section.

For information related to the Tittle/DOL Settlement Allocation, please click here.

For more information about the Newby class action lawsuit, please click here.

NOTE: The information contained on this site is a summary of information derived from the pleadings filed in the cases initiated by Enron Creditors Recovery Corp. and the reports of the Bankruptcy Examiner and is provided for information purposes only. Please refer to the complaints and other relevant documents for specific and complete information regarding Enron’s ongoing litigation.